Bingo Sites that Accept Ukash Vouchers

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If you want to play online bingo for money but are worried about using your bank card on the Internet then you might be interested to learn you can easily deposit and play with physical cash at many online bingo sites. No, we are not going to suggest anything ridiculous such as inserting a tenner into the CD drive and you wont be couriering a roll of cash by TNT but it does involve a trip down to you local corner shop, petrol station or off license.

If you haven’t heard of them before Ukash vouchers work in almost the exact same way as top up cards for pay-as-you-go mobiles. Ukash offers a prepaid voucher that can be used to fund online accounts and pay for goods and services, usually online.

So, if like many people you are dubious about getting out your plastic to play bingo but really want to give it a go it is possible and there are a wide selection of bingo sites that accept Ukash vouchers. The reality is that using your bank card online is actually quite safe on most EU sites and you probably have more chance of fraud if you phone a mail order company and buy a pair of pyjamas. However if you inadvertently start playing on a site based in Costa Rica this might not be so true.

Nevertheless there are many more reasons over and above fraud why it might just be a good idea to use Ukash bingo sites and to keep your plastic friend safely tucked away. Consider the fact that a debit card makes all of the money in your bank account readily available at a place of gambling. Also consider that a credit card make money available that you don’t yet have in your possession. Get compulsive with virtual money and you could easily blow too much.

Ukash helps players keep control of their gambling and while bingo is a soft form of gambling it is still advisable to cap your spend. With Ukash bingo sites you simply buy what you can afford to lose and if you want to blow more you have a cooling off period before venturing out to get more funds.

Another consideration is one of prying eyes; players also need to ask if they want their bingo transactions to appear on their bank statement. It is a little known fact that bank transactions (or spending habits) are taken into account when approving loans, overdrafts and mortgages, and gambling transactions are not favoured upon much. Not to mention that our other half might not necessarily be too enthusiastic when they see £50 has been spent at your favourite bingo site and we are waiting till next month to pay the electric.

In the UK and most major countries around the world you might be surprised to know that you are likely to be only 5 minutes away from a store that can sell you some Ukash. In fact a large percentage of off licenses, corner shops and petrol stations are all resellers of Ukash and anywhere you see the PayPoint, PayZone or EPay logos you can buy Ukash vouchers.

For all the above reasons Ukash has got real traction in the online bingo market but you are now probably wandering which bingo sites accept Ukash. Well, that question is easily answered by visiting a bingo portal like that list sites by deposit methods.