What Would You Do With 100k of Jackpot Joy?

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A Mrs Kristyna H has had a large dose of Jackpotjoy this week as she scooped an incredible £110,384 prize on JackpotJoy.com.  She won her prize playing the classic bingo 90 game online.  Kristyna will be the envy of many, who would be ecstatic to simply win the £384 part of her prize, never mind the life changing £110,000 part!

While most of us are enticed to play on online bingo sites for usual daily promotions prizes that will revolutionise our weekend, or perhaps if we are lucky send us away on holiday, Kristyna has won an amount that will literally change her life.  Kristyna plans to move to a new house with the money.  She has been widowed in the last few years and is looking forward to making a fresh start in a new home.  With a great wealth behind her, it is sure to be a good start and we wish Kristyna well in her new life.

But what would you do with the kind of money Krystina won from one of Jackpotjoy’s usual seasonal promotions I wonder?  £384 pays for a weekend to remember and could take you on a week long holiday in Europe.  £10,000 would buy a new car or send you round the world.  £100,000 however is an almost unfathomable amount of money to win on a single bingo game.  It is a crazy amount of money to have earned in a matter of minutes! 

Would you be prudent and save it, as that amount of money could go a long way to ensuring you never have to work another day in your life, however young you may be!  Do you take the trip you always dreamed about, or buy the car you have always wanted?  Perhaps you would invest the money to earn more?  Once you have been lucky in bingo you certainly develop even more of a taste for it!

Jackpotjoy is one of Britain’s leading online PayPal bingo sites, as demonstrated by this humongous prize.  The Gamesys Group, parent company of Jackpotjoy, give away £4 million in prize money every single day.   If you want to be one of Jackpotjoy’s winners, there are 10 winners every second across the Gamesys Group.  They don’t all win as much as Kristyna, but even £384 would be a much appreciated prize.

Could you be next?