Guaranteed Jackpots everyday at Bingocams

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Play Jumping Jackpots at Bingocams - Guaranteed Prizes Everyday!

Every single day from 8pm through to 10pm there are 24 bingo games playing for a Guaranteed Jackpot which could go during any of the 24 games.  In the style of a progressive jackpot you need to call house in a certain number of calls starting at 36!

After 2 rounds of games the ball count increases by 1 and will conitnue to increase until the jackpot is won.  If during the 2 hours the jackpot has not been won, you will be playing for it in the final game in a winner takes all game!

The jackpot amount varies by day at listed by day:

  • Sunday - £50
  • Monday - £100
  • Tuessday - £150
  • Wednesday - £200
  • Thursday - £250
  • Friday - £350
  • Saturday - £500

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