Best Bingo Sites Review

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If you're new to bingo, or bored of your current bingo site and not sure where to turn to next, then visit - the hottest bingo portal to offer exclusive competition prizes, bingo promotions and bingo codes for the UK's best online bingo sites.

From low wagering requirement bonuses to  no-deposit bingo sites - they have it all covered. Too many bingo sites have what seem to be too-good-to-refuse sign-up bonuses offering 500% and even more on your initial deposit, but what they don't make so clear is that you have to buy and play through up to 9 times the bonus amount in bingo tickets before you can withdraw a penny!  Well, that's where low wagering requirement bingo bonuses come in - essentially they mean all you have to do is play through the bonus amount (at least once) and then whatever you win, even if it's off the bonus, you get to withdraw without argument. So, you get a £50 bonus, you play bingo with that £50, you win £500 - you withdraw £500!

No-deposit bingo sites are different, and not to be confused. No-deposit bingo sites will give you a sign-up bonus to play bingo with, without you having to deposit a penny! Sounds too generous? Well, it is genuine, but there are wagering requirements so be careful and read the small print.

Typically you'll have to buy and play 5 times the bonus in bingo tickets before you can withdraw anything. So if the no-deposit bonus is £10, then you'd have to have bought and played £50 worth of bingo before you can withdraw anything you've won - not too bad at all really considering it doesn't cost you anything! You can compare the best bingo bonuses right here on this site, and you can even sort them by no-deposit bonuses as well. Give it a go and best of luck!