Gala Bingo March Madness

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Mad March Jackpots at Gala BingoHead to Gala Bingo today at 9pm for the start of March Madness!

Gala Bingo have a week of amazing "guaranteed jackpots" totalling £21,000...  The Jackpots are shared between today (Monday 19th March) through to Sunday 25th March with games playing each night from 9pm!

March Madness Jackpots

  • Monday 19 - There is £2,000 Guaranteed,
  • Tuesday 20 - There is £2,000 Guaranteed,
  • Wednesday 21 - There is £2,000 Guaranteed,
  • Thursday 22 - There is £3,000 Guaranteed,
  • Friday 23 - There is £5,000 Guaranteed,
  • Saturday 24 - There is £4,000 Guaranteed,
  • Sunday 25 - There is £3,000 Guaranteed.

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Ton Up Bingo at GalaMonday - Ton Up Bingo

Tonight (19th Mar) at 5.15pm there is also over £10,000 up for grabs at Gala Bingo in Ton Up Bingo!

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