Facebook Bingo Game AvaTingo Releases New Features

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We all know that bingo is getting popular in pretty much every avenue possible – so it’s of no surprise that AvaTingo has taken the social networking site Facebook by storm.  Launched just last year they have already secured quite a following with their bingo and slots games but they launched a brand new release that is sure to make them more popular than ever!  

They have introduced a brand new auto daub bingo game as well as new venues such as “Tingo Wood”, “Tingo Bay” and “Pharaoh World” for players to enjoy.  There are also much more ways for their players to earn free “coins” formally known as “Tingo’s” to spend on their bingo and slots games with a free scratchcard given out every 5 hours offering a guaranteed prize and their recently developed pick-up games.  The object is to gain access to a challenge by completing a collection for a venue.  You can do this by purchasing collection items with your free coins or you could get some in a gift box – which you can win in bingo and slots games.  

As a resident of Tingo Town you get to create your own person and can take advantage of their avatar creator where you will find loads of funky outfits and costumes.  Just like a real person – you need energy to complete certain tasks.  In AvaTingo gain energy by purchasing food in their very own “General Store”!   This allows you to complete a pick-up challenge where you have a 5 minute dash to collect as many items as you can to earn even more free coins!  

You will also find if you have played the game before – that the developers have heavily improved upon the graphics and loading time, so when you launch the app – you shouldn’t have too many problems.  If you haven’t played AvaTingo before but have enjoyed other bingo related Facebook games such as Bingo Blitz or Bingo Bash you will love it.  They have full screen slots – which you can unlock as you gain XP and that fab bingo game where you can up your chances of winning by using Turbo Boosts.

There are other Facebook games making quite a name for themselves such as Zynga Slingo which will no doubt be staunch competitors to games such as AvaTingo but their latest idea is sure to have brought to them some positive attention!