Watch your Bingo Buddies-There’s Fakers Amongst Them!

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We all like to think that our bingo buddies are as honest and genuine as us but be warned, this may not be the case. Keep a close eye on your neighbour when you’re playing as a man in Pennsylvania, USA was found to be a faker!

The man, who has not been named attended a bingo game at a church fundraiser and shouted bingo claiming he was the winner! That was not the case however and the $400 that he won was returned shortly after when he was struck down by what we call, guilt.

Pennsylvanian Police told local media that the ‘theft’ took place at Mary Mother of Hope Parish. They are now following this up after a complaint from the workers who paid out to the man. It is reported that he called bingo and when the workers approached him they paid him the $400 jackpot prize without checking that he was in fact the winner. One worker then realised that he didn’t win but it was too late, the lying player had fled with his cash.

A woman later called the police who went to the jackpot thief’s home and asked him to return the cash, it is thought that since this is a first offense he will not face any criminal charges, as long as he returns the money to the church he will be let off.

The desperate bandit has since returned the cash and police are not relase3ing the name of the man, he is thought to be an upstanding citizen who went through a “moment of madness”. We’re hoping that the validation of the winner is a one off, or perhaps because it was for charity the workers hoped that he was truthful. Just keep a close eye on the winners in the future; you never know hat slippery ones might be amongst us.