£2,000 Jackpot Bingo Game on Red Bus Bingo

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The Redbus Bingo £2k Big Smoke GameIt’s coming up to the end of the month and although you may have forgot about the clocks changing for the summer season, please don’t forget about the amazing bingo game played on the last Friday of every month on the free bingo site, Red Bus Bingo. 

A fabulous £2,000 could easily be yours if you get yourself some tickets for the Big Smoke £2k bingo game. Tickets are available to but for this bingo game right now for only £1 and with a single line prize of £350, double line prize of £650 and full house jackpot of £1,000, you would be crazy not to buy a few tickets.  The next game will be played on Friday 30th March at 9.45pm….. make sure you don’t miss out!

The Big Smoke Prizes

  • 1 Line = £350
  • 2 Lines = £650
  • Full House = £1000

Pre-Buy Tickets Now!

With Red Bus Bingo being at the top of the leadeboard for the bingo site for the most rewarding promotions, it’s no wonder that this is now one of the largest UK bingo sites with a high amount of registered users.  When I am playing on a bingo site, there are 3 things I look for….. the first is the sign up bonus – what do I get for putting my hand in my wallet and joining the site.? The second is free bingo – the site MUST have some attractive free bingo (so that when I’m skint I can still have the hope of winning some real cash) and third is the jackpot games – I like to take a chance on a few pre-purchase jackpot games with the chance of winning BIG. 

Well, it’s safe to say that Red Bus Bingo ticks all of these boxes!  The deposit bonus involves you scratching the Red Bus Bingo scratch card (where you can earn 2000% extra free), there are numerous free bingo rooms (including a £1,000 daily free bingo game) and there are many several pre-purchase games (including the chance to win a million pounds).  So, if you are like me and are looking for these 3 important features in a bingo site, look no further than Red Bus Bingo.

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