Regular weekly bingo bonuses from William Hill

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Here at Best Bingo Bonuses we like to make it as easy as possible to find the best games and the best prizes at the right time. William Hill Bingo have some great regular games we think you shouldn't miss.

When Wednesday comes it's well worth popping into the BOGOF Room at William Hill as, starting from 10am they have loads of BOGOF games.

Then Ticket Top Up Night starts at 5pm, with William Hill running through a series of top-up games. How? Check this out:

  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Buy One Get Two Free
  • Buy One Get Three Free
  • Buy One Get Four Free
  • Buy One Get Five Free
  • Buy One Get 23 Free

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And so onto Thursday....

Starting at 9am and on the hour, every hour until midnight there is FREE Bingo in the Bargain Basement.  9am to 4pm games have a £50 prize pot and those games from 5pm to midnight, £75! Free Bingo always creates a great atmosphere in the room and you can always use your winnings to go buy tickets elsewhere and maybe win win win!

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Forget going to wet n windy car bootsales on Sunday; get down to the Bargain Basement at William Hill this Sunday.
All bingo tickets are namely just 1p all day long. Have fun ;)

A little bird tells us that there will soon be some new games at William Hill. A special Early Bird for those who like an early start, Lunch Club and a Late Lounge. Keep checking in for more details.

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