William Hill's Right Royal Knee's Up

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No it's not Prince Harry's next after party, but this will be a 5 day "bingo" bender that we hope you have the stomach for!

Join William Hill Bingo for the Right Royal Knee's up tomorrow (1st June) through to 5th June and you could win your share of a staggering £300,000!  And we hear that it is a minimum of £300k up for grabs... so it could actually be more!!

What did you have planned?

So you might want to think twice if you were planning a huge street party or a BBQ, this long bank holiday weekend for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee needs to be celebrated in style! 

  • Friday - £60,000 up for grabs
  • Saturday - £60,000 up for grabs
  • Sunday - £60,000 up for grabs
  • Monday - £60,000 up for grabs
  • Tuesday - £60,000 up for grabs

Each night the action which takes place in the Main Room will start from 6pm and you'll find all your favourite bingo games:

  • Queen's 1TG games at just 5p with a £400 prize fund plus £200 1TG pot
  • 10p Diamond Bingo games with a £700 prize fund
  • Queen's Last Chance Saloon 20p tickets with £750 in prizes
  • 1 and 2TG games with £800 in prizes plus a £500 shared prize for 1 and 2 TG players
  • 30p Diamond BOGOF games
  • Plus, more games with £1,000, £1,250 and £1,500 prizes as well as the usual Daily Bingo Linx games.

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